Monday, February 23, 2015

Maps get more difficult with age.

Had I known that driving would become such a pain, I would have never learned to do it! Sure, it feels great getting around in and about your neighborhood, running off to the mall, the restaurants, meeting friends at a museum. But, navigating in a strange city shows you just how old you've become.

The above is a map of Portland. Oregon.  On the left of the river was our motel, and on the right, the college our grandchild attends. We visited her for a weekend soon after she moved in her dorm, and had planned to drive her to the area where our hotel was for some fancy dining.

It didn't work out like that at all. We, Hubby and I kept getting lost each time we tried to catch a bridge and go across. Each time. As if we had never been to Portland. In fact, we had been to Portland many times, staying at the same hotel and frequenting the same downtown neighborhood where we enjoyed dining and shopping and people watching.  We had not attempted to travel to other parts, though. And that experience, finding the right bridge and getting off at the right exit, was way too much for our nerves.

Thank God our grandchild had a good sense of direction. She located the map on her iphone and helped us navigate back and forth  whenever she was with us.